All You Need to Know About Our College Funding

In 2019, Garrett Meriwether was a student at U.N.L.V., headed for his sophomore year in the hospitality management program when his life was cut short. Today, his friends and family seek to keep dreams alive for other like-minded students by awarding college scholarships through the Garrett Meriwether Foundation by virtue of fundraising events organized throughout each coming year.

Inspire Change.

“Losing a child is something no parent should ever experience. Especially when the loss was preventable. Nothing will replace Garrett, but we hope by uniting friends and colleagues, we can create something positive in his memory. Together, we can help raise awareness about the dangers of the road and help aid young adults to reach their dreams and attend college at U.N.L.V. with scholarships from our foundation.”

- Garrett’s father, Steve Meriwether

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